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Delicious Revenge: Missouri Governor Cuts Funding to Public Defenders, Director Responds by Assigning Governor as New Public Defender.

In a wonderfully worded letter, Public Defender Director Michael Barrett lays out a series of grievances against the Governor’s budget slashing measures,..

August 4, 2016 with 0 Comments

Texas Attorneys Deliver Folk Music Magic in Their New Song: Don’t Eat Your Weed.

  From the creators of the equally informative “Please Shut Up” song, comes a bit of Texas magic about the danger of choosing to eat your..

July 18, 2016 with 0 Comments

This Court Opinion References Moses, Casablanca, and Star Trek’s Mr. Spock.

In a case about “Bar Girls” luring men into private clubs on Miami Beach, FL, a court opinion comes up with a little more spice than we’re..

July 15, 2016 with 0 Comments

Complaint filed on behalf of Cliven Bundy in Nevada – Watch out, Obama.

As mentioned on episode 2, here is the complaint filed against President Obama and his scheming cohorts. Bundy Complaint

July 7, 2016 with 0 Comments

Q: Virginia introduces law prohibiting WHAT demographic from marrying?

No, not gays. A: girls age 13 and under. Yes, it was previously legal.  Yes, this happened.  Over 200 girls under age 14 have been married since 2004 in..

July 6, 2016 with 0 Comments

Too Raunchy for the Show: Transcript of Georgia Judge and Alleged Murderer Hits New Heights of Cringe.

Warning: Foul language incoming! This was one of the most bizarre and hilarious court transcripts we’ve ever seen, but it was just too foul to make it..

July 1, 2016 with 0 Comments

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