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Q: Virginia introduces law prohibiting WHAT demographic from marrying?

No, not gays. A: girls age 13 and under. Yes, it was previously legal.  Yes, this happened.  Over 200 girls under age 14 have been married since 2004 in Virginia. The current law allowed it when 1) the parents consented, and 2) the child was pregnant. This is a question you won’t hear on the […]

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Too Raunchy for the Show: Transcript of Georgia Judge and Alleged Murderer Hits New Heights of Cringe.

Warning: Foul language incoming! This was one of the most bizarre and hilarious court transcripts we’ve ever seen, but it was just too foul to make it onto the show. You’ve been warned! A Georgia Judge holds a meeting to hear why the accused, Mr. Allen, doesn’t want his court appointed attorney any more. At […]

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Episode 001 – Closets, Conscience, and Naked College Students

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In this episode, Jared and Jordan wax philisophical on the nature of the conscience of Republicans, their daily rate to be locked in a closet, and much much more.

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