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Episode 003 – Unusual Celebrity Wills, Why Juries Are Just Plain Crazy, and Klingon Legal Briefs.

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This week we play “Will or Won’t” where Jared and Jordan try to guess if a celebrity will provision is real or if I just made it up. We also play “Quiz Show” as normal, featuring conversation about unusual child names, big class actions, and the spirit of justice, exploration, and boldy going where no lawsuit has gone before.

Part 1: Will or Wont – Celebrity Edition.

Jared and Jordan listen to wills by Heath Ledger, Jack Benny, and Robert Louis Stevenson and try to guess which ones are real. For example: Jack Benny left a significant amount of money not only to his wife, but to his florist. True or not?

Part 2: Mystery Lawyer

A mystery lawyer visits and tells the story of why you never really have a slam-dunk case if there’s a jury involved.

Part 3: Quiz Show.

A federal appeals court on Thursday threw out a $7.25 billion antitrust settlement reached by Visa Inc  and MasterCard Inc  with millions of retailers that accused the card networks of what?

A 19 year old british student at Stanford has created a chatbot that has successfully done what legal act for its users?

In 2008 a New Zealand family court judge removed a 9-year-old from her parents custody when he discovered what about her?
A> What they named her
B> What they tattooed on her
C> What they gave her for Christmas

A Utah man is suing again for the right to marry ____

Randazza Legal Group filed an amicus brief in the case where Paramount Pictures and CBS Studios is suing the creators of a Start Trek Fan Film, in which they assert that Paramount and CBS can not copyright what?

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