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Episode 006 – The Texas Law Hawk and Jared Doesn’t Read the News.

Episode 6 - The Texas Law Hawk

In this episode we are delighted to interview Brian Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk!  If you’re not familiar, stop what you’re doing and watch this now:

We talk with Brian about the struggles of being a solo practitioner, and about the challenges and opportunities with marketing yourself as one of thousands of attorneys. Brian mentions how frustrating it is to write “blog posts” and see no return, and the push-back when trying to stand out.

Brian also talks about being recognized, getting hate mail, and how the Bar Association has reacted to his bombastic lawyer character on his youtube videos.  He also talks about his own run-ins with the law and how it inspired him to pursue criminal defense.

In segment 2 we quiz Jared on the latest legal news and expose his woeful lack of knowledge with humorous consequences. Many laughs are had.

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