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Too Raunchy for the Show: Transcript of Georgia Judge and Alleged Murderer Hits New Heights of Cringe.

georgia shenanigans

Warning: Foul language incoming!

This was one of the most bizarre and hilarious court transcripts we’ve ever seen, but it was just too foul to make it onto the show. You’ve been warned!

A Georgia Judge holds a meeting to hear why the accused, Mr. Allen, doesn’t want his court appointed attorney any more. At first it seems like normal, anxious concerns over “is this guy getting the work done? Is he doing enough? I’m not seeing the work.” but within moments it turns into “He says I have to let him give me oral sex…”

And it goes down the toilet from there.

Perhaps the best part is the contempt of court back-and-forth, which escalates to 10 years of jail time for contempt, precipitated by a “your mama” response on the part of the accused.

Your Mama.

To read the full 20 page transcript (it’s worth it) follow this link to the imgur album:

Georgia Shenanigans

Hattip to /u/SobelsDaemon on reddit’s /r/law community for the amazing find!

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